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Friday, 27 July 2018


9 AUGUST 2017 | with the aid of BIM+ group of workers
crew from the Eindhoven college of generation has created Lina, a 300kg vehicle whose chassis, bodywork and interiors are all made from herbal substances.

For the chassis, the group used a substance formed by way of resin and strengthened by herbal fibres, as well as a biodegradable plastic created via natural substances as opposed to petroleum.

different substances used blanketed sugar beet enveloped in sheets of flax.

the automobile is powered via modular battery packs and has a top speed of eighty km/h. it's miles licensed by the Netherlands car Authority as roadworthy and might deliver 4 humans.

The Eindhoven group says that “in phrases of its strength-weight ratio, the bio-composite is similar with fibreglass however synthetic in a sustainable way”. 

Lina can be unlocked with a phone and may realise the person’s personal settings inclusive of track playlists or smartphone contacts.

picture courtesy of Eindhoven college of technology
group from the Eindhoven university of technology has created Lina, a 300kg vehicle whose chassis, bodywork and interiors are all crafted from herbal materials.
For the chassis, the team used a substance fashioned by means of resin and reinforced by way of natural fibres, as well asa biodegradable plastic created by natural substances in place of petroleum.

other materials used blanketed sugar beet enveloped in sheets of flax.

the auto is powered with the aid of modular battery packs and has a top pace of eighty km/h. it is certified by using the Netherlands vehicle Authority as roadworthy and might convey four humans.

The Eindhoven crew says that “in phrases of its energy–weight ratio, the bio-composite is similar with fibreglass howeversynthetic in a sustainable way”.

Lina can be unlocked with a phone and might recognize the person’s private settings including tune playlists or cellphonecontacts.

photographs courtesy of Eindhoven college of technology

have you ever ever wondered precisely what your car is made of? No, now not how difficult and speedy it could be pushed on a race tune, or what its limits off-street honestly are -- but what materials are certainly used to construct it.

We listen a lot about the components that make up our motors, which include engines, transmissions, seats, HVAC structures, and so on. however we in no way without a doubt deliver plenty thought to the bits and portions of raw materials which are used in vehicle manufacturing to create these things.

the automobile industry makes use of a amazing quantity of materials to construct cars, including iron, aluminum, plastic metallic, glass, rubber, petroleum products, copper, metal and others. these elements are used to create the whole thing from the ones small matters we do not reflect onconsideration on, which includes dashboard needles and wiring, to the massive stuff, including the engine block or the transmission gears.

those substances have developed significantly over the a long time, becoming greater sophisticated, higher constructed, and more secure. they have got modified as new automobile production technology have emerged over time, and they're used in increasingly revolutionary methods.

In this article, we'll talk 5 of the materials used most in automobile manufacturing. Up first, we'll check the one that makes vehicles so heavy.

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